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Vol 1
Issue 2
17 Sept

The Balkan connection

This week, Kinoeye presents three different views of Balkan film at two different festivals: Sarajevo and Karlovy Vary.

Radivoje Andric's Munje! (Thunderbirds!, 2001)SARAJEVO
Brighter than all the stars in Hollywood
The 7th Sarajevo Film Festival

Sarajevo's film festival is not just a cinematic event but also a source of national optimism. Brian J Požun takes in the inspirational atmosphere.

Bosnian director Danis TanovicSARAJEVO
Caught in the middle
Danis Tanović's No Man's Land (2000)

The Sarajevo Film Festival was enraptured by a Cannes-winning film by Bosnian director Danis Tanović. Ilya Marritz witnessed the occasion and caught up with the director.

Ibolya Fekete's Chico (2001)KARLOVY VARY
Seeking truth between the bombs and bullets
Balkan war films at the 36th Karlovy Vary film festival

Balkan conflicts continue to inspire films. But do they all have something of substance to say about these specific wars or even wider issues, asks Andrew James Horton.

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