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Vol 1
Issue 3
1 Oct

Jan Cvitkovic's Kruh in mleko (Bread and Milk, 2001)VENICE FILM FESTIVAL
Slovene film makes a splash at the Lido
Jan Cvitkovič's
Kruh in mleko
(Bread and Milk, 2001)

After a lack of domestic interest, Kruh in mleko went on to scoop the Golden Lion of the Future award at Venice. Brian J Požun explores what the success means to Slovene culture.

Risto Siskov in Ljubisa Georgievski's Republika vo plamen (A Republic in Flames, 1969)ACTOR FOCUS
Looking back on Macedonia's Marlon Brando
The 9th Risto Šiškov festival

The acting festival inspired by Risto Šiškov paid hommage with a retrospective of its dedicatee's film performances this year. Igor Pop Trajkov reviews the career of "the Macedonian Marlon Brando."

Grzegorz Lipiec's Ze zycie ma sens (That Life Makes Sense, 2001)KARLOVY VARY
Concern for the devil
Polish films at the
36th Karlovy Vary film festival

Polish cinema has long been marked by tendencies such as "moral concern" and an interest in the "devil of history." Andrew James Horton looks at five recent Polish films that continue this tradition.

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Video cover for Pál Sándor's Szerencsés Dániel (Daniel Takes a Train, 1983)OUT ON VIDEO
Train ride
to nowhere

Pál Sándor's
Szerencsés Dániel
(Daniel Takes a Train, 1983)

One of the first films to explore "the complexities and passions" of the 1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary, Szerencsés Dániel was a hit at the 1983 Cannes festival. Andrew James Horton reviews a new video release.

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