Kinoeye: New perspectives on European film

Vol 3
Issue 10
29 Sept

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Reconstructing reality
Recent film from the former Yugoslav republics

This week, Kinoeye looks at diverse trends in film-making in Yugoslavia's successor states, from Slovenia's pre-EU membership angst to Croatia's attempts to come to terms with its past and Bosnia looking back at a legacy of loss and trying to find hope in it.

Janez Burger's V leru (Idle Running, 1999)SLOVENIA
Terra incognita no more
The "New Films from Slovenia" season in New York

A few years ago, Slovene film was entirely off the map as far as the New York film scene was concerned. Brian J Požun shows how recently this has changed, culminating in a five-day celebration of cinema from the country in Brooklyn earlier this year.

Damjan Kozole's Reservni deli (Spare Parts, 2003)SLOVENIA
At the frontier of
tragedy and comedy

Damjan Kožole's
Reservni deli (Spare Parts, 2003)

Reservni deli has inevitably been described dismissively as "bleak." W Martin explores how the film's ironic historical and social setting make this everyday story of people-smuggling something more.

Vesna Ljubic's Adio kerida (2001)BOSNIA
Farewell, my love
Vesna Ljubic's Adio kerida (2001)

Originally a song sang by those leaving Spain, "Adio kerida" is used by Ljubic as a symbol of Sarajevo saying farewell to its Sephardic Jewish culture. Gordana P Crnkovic looks at this poignant enacted documentary.

Denijal Hasanovic's List (The Letter, 2001)BOSNIA
Denijal Hasanovic's List (The Letter, 2001) and the child as a symbol of hope

Just as a "rubble films" existed for countries like Germany after the Second World War, Bosnia now has its version. Steven Yates looks at how List, like other films in this mould before it, symbolically uses the child.

Poster for the 50th Pula International Film FestivalCROATIA
Looking outwards
50th Pula International Film Festival

Pula is a festival that—like Croatia as a whole—is trying to come to terms with the country's past. As Marina Malenic explains, as well as now being an international festival it played a retrospective of Yugoslav films this year and awarded a picture that confronts a difficult recent history.

Gordana P Crnkovic, David Hahn and Victor Ingrassia's Zagreb Everywhere (2001)CROATIA
Retrieving a
picture from motion

Gordana P Crnkovic, David Hahn and Victor Ingrassia's Zagreb Everywhere (2001)

The experimental video Zagreb Everywhere seeks to preserve the mystery of the Croatian capital, as producer and writer for the film Gordana P Crnkovic reveals.

The geopolitics
of film heritage

The EU influence on
Macedonia's film repetoire

As in many countries, Macedonia's cinemas are dominated by Hollywood fare. Igor Pop Trajkov looks at film institutions in Skopje that are using EU money to reverse this trend and build links to European film culture.

Goran Paskaljevic's Bure baruta (The Powder Keg, 1999)E-BOOK
The Celluloid Tinderbox
Yugoslav screen reflections
of a turbulent decade

Kinoeye now hosts this PDF e-book on Yugoslav film in the 1990s, edited by Andrew James Horton and with an introduction by Dina Iordanova. Includes writing on international hits such as Podzemlje (Underground) and Bure baruta (Cabaret Balkan).

Horror festival supplement

Poster for the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy, Thriller and Science-Fiction FilmHORROR
Brussels after midnight
A report on the 21st Brussels International Festival of Fantasy, Thriller and Science-Fiction Film

Frank Lafond recently returned to the site of one of the premiere international festivals for contemporary horror cinema. He came back with this report on "Brussels after midnight."

Lucky McKee's May (2002)HORROR
Sometimes, dead is better
A report from the 10th anniversary of the Edinburgh "Dead By Dawn" horror film festival

Simon Wilkinson stayed up all weekend long to get the full scoop on this latest instalment of Edinburgh's ever-entertaining horror fest...

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