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Note: Kinoeye is not currently publishing
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Subscribe to our free e-mail service and have a fortnightly summary of the new issue of Kinoeye delivered directly to your e-mail in-tray. Brought to you in association with Yahoo!, our service means that you always know when the latest issue of Kinoeye is out and what is in it. Summaries include a full list of new articles and brief desciptions of their contents.

To join simply type in your e-mail in the box below and then hit the subscribe button. To prevent misuse of this facility, Yahoo! will send you a confirmation e-mail, which you will have to reply to. You should then receive a welcoming message from Kinoeye.


Is my e-mail address published anywhere if I join the list?

No, this information will not be distributed or published in any way. Only data on the number of list members will be available to the public or other list members.

From time to time, Kinoeye may wish to conduct polls of list members to help us improve the journal. Participation is not compulsory and, again, statistical data based on such surveys may be published, but names, e-mail addresses and opinions will be kept confidential.

Can I post my own announcements to the list?

No, this is newletter service, not a discussion group, and only official Kinoeye announcements will be sent out. If you reply to any e-mail from the list, it will go to the Editor-in-Chief only. Kinoeye will, however, accept relevant advertising that will be of interest for our readers. Contact Andrew James Horton for information on rates.

I was subscribed under my work address, but now I'm changing jobs. Can Kinoeye change my subscription address

Actually, you can easily do it with yourself. Simply send an e-mail from your old address to Then either send an e-mail to from the new address, or use the form above to submit it.

I used to be a member of the list and I've not unsubscribed, but now I'm not receiving any updates. Why not?

First of all, do bear in mind that Kinoeye takes breaks during academic holidays. The longest of these, obviously, is the summer break, when there may be a period of up to two months when there are no announcements.

If it's not an academic holiday, the most likely reason is that your server has been returning mail that has been sent to it. If e-mails sent to your address "bounce back" over a period of time, you will be automatically removed from the list. You may need to rejoin the list if this is the case.

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